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For over 15 years, M.S. Original has been a leading supplier to clock manufacturers worldwide.

We are distributor of Clock motors and hands as well as watch and clock inserts. We strive for perfect quality and service. Our strength lies in the fact that we pay attention to quality and detail of all our products. 

Because we are a family owned and run business, we can be competitive with quality products at the best price made almost anywhere in the world.

We sell thousands of clock movements every year. If you have a requirement please contact us with your specific requirements and we will be happy to supply you with a quote.

One of our unique abilities is to supply our customer with watch, clock inserts or movements they need in the shortest time delay possible. Contact a M.S. original sales representative for more information.

1 year Replacement Warranty


It’s been said that a warranty is only as good as the company that backs it…


M.S. Original leads the way by providing a1 year replacement on all its products. No other supplier in the industry comes close to the quality and reliability our products offer.


But when we say “1 year replacement” warranty, what does that actually mean? The answer is simple. If you receive a non-functioning defective item, or your item broke over time on it’s own (from regular usage), all you have to do is ship the item back to us. Once we receive the item we will then immediately proceed to sending you a new item free of charge to you (shipping not included).


With our exceptional service, product range and warranty you’ll see why M.S. Original is unlike any other supplier in the market!

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